Producing creative projects

through value, coherence, engagement and trust


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Since 2013 I am accompanying small and big companies to build, fund, manage and coordinate their cultural and artistic projects. 


I like the energy of a team starting a new project and convey this energy to a personal and professional achievement. Motivation, attention to details, creation of valuable human relationships and a problem solving attitude are my ways to approach new challenges. 


Italian, living in France, I have worked in the cultural sector, and particularly in the film industry, for over 10 years, dealing with different environments and structures, such as international networks, start-ups, SME, educational institutions, associations, independent professionals or project-based events.

In my career I've touched a little bit at everything in the audiovisual sector: film production, distribution, exhibition, programming, festivals, trainings, fundraising, and also contemporary dance.

Loving working in the creative sector and walking in big natural landscapes.

Silvia Cibien 2020

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