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General Delegate / eurovod.org

Managing the network of European VoD platforms and all its activities (European VoD Meetings training, VoD Market Day, Eurovod professional platforms, conferences & events)

European Business & Affairs / lacinetek.com

In charge of the European funding schemes, international relations and partnerships.

Previous collaborations 

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Great ideas and projects could have hard times because of the lack of funding, most of all in the cultural and artistic sector where independent professionals, associations or SME have not enough time, competences or ressources to invest on an effective fundraising. Money is not "the" problem, but the approach we have to it and how we face obstacles. How I work: with enthusiasm and engagement, believing in what I do, being coherent and sharing the same values with my clients and colleagues. Giving value to our ideas and to our work means also identifying the strengths and the weaknesses of our project, knowing how to present it, the right people to talk with and how to address them a funding request to create engagement in the development of our ideas. I am seeking artistic and cultural projects that have a value for me in order to support them with my contribution in the fundraising process: identifying open funding opportunities, potential partners and investors and coordinating the applications, especially those for the European Commission's Creative Europe Programme.

Human Ressources

Internal communication, tasks division,  team building and team management: these are all my fields of action. The quality of a project, of a product or service provided depends from the people working on it, on all the phases. 

Choosing the right persons to work with and having an effective, positive and productive communication can really make the difference. What I can do is helping you to identify the adapted group of people, fulfil their potential, combine their skills, motivations and dispositions, and build, manage and motivate your dream team. 

My goal is to create a valuable human 

and professional experience, from which everyone can benefit.

Project Management 

From the idea to the reporting, managing a project is an entrepreneurial journey, involving many people and processes on the way. My expertise in managing and coordinating cultural and artistic projects, mainly related to the film industry, could help you to organiseand give the right direction to your project since the beginning: defining the concept, the structure and the strategy to follow,  building a valuable network of partnerships, collaborators, find financial investors and answering to call for proposals, building a dream team, coordinate operations and human 

ressources, planning and programmingbudgeting, development, production and post-production, marketing development, distribution and dissemination of results.

Production, Marketing & Distribution 

If you are a young filmmaker, an artist, a small independent production company and you know how to make your film or your creative project, or at least you have an idea about the concept, but you don't know how to finance it (apart from your own ressources), how to find one or more producers, how it works in the chain of rights, how to deal with distributors, sales agents, film festivals or exhibitors, how to present your film in a film market or in a pitch for investors, or how to apply for public film funds, how to market and distribute your film... then we need to talk.

Consulting & Coaching

In case you need a consultation or an advice about one or more of the areas above. Or if you just want an help to clarifyyour priorities and find the motivation in a changing and challenging professional phase of your life.


During my career I got in touch with hundreds of professionals, institutions and companies which are engaged and motivated to invest on continuous learning. I love the energy of a group of people seeking new opportunities and contacts, willing to learn and share experiences, competences, tips and tricks, methodologies, success stories . Producers, exhibitors, distributors, sales agents, institutional representatives filmmakers, film festivals delegates, programmers: all of them have one thing in common: they never stop learning. During these kind of events new projects, collaborations and friendships begin. For over ten years 

organised international meetings and trainings for audiovisual and film professionals (junior and executives), and in particular CICAE's "Art Cinema = Action + Management" and the European VoD Meetings of EUROVOD. What I do is coordinate all the stages of event: programming and schedule, follow-up of the applications and of the inscriptions, contracts, logistics, hospitality, team management, budgeting, leisures and catering, partnerships development and marketing and networking.


I had the chance to work over the years with several top ranked interpreters and translators, who are simply among the best in Europe. 

Tremendously qualified and easy to work with, they can guarantee the quality of the translation and of the interpretation you need (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, liaison). 

Moreover, they are specialised in the cultural, artistic and film sectors. I am myself a translator and Italian 

teacher. The strength is in my network: if you need an excellent interpreter or translator, I will put you in contact with the right person for your event, meeting or project.

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